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2001 Veteran Bus Rally at Gjøvik

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2001 Rutebilhistorisk Forening Rally at Gjøvik
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1999 Rutebilhistorisk Forening Rally at Sandnes

Transporthistorisk Forening Stavanger Exhibition August 2000
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The Rutebilhistorisk Forening held its 2001 annual meeting and Veteran Bus Rally at Gjøvik in the east of Norway from 1st. - 4th. June. A total of 63 vehicles were entered for the rally representing some of Norway's transport history. As usual the standard of the buses on show was very high. Just as an aside, Gjøvik hosted some of the events of the very successful Lillehammer Winter Olympic Games. Fjellhallen, the world's largest sports arena dug out from the inside of a mountain, is situated here. Below and on Page 2 you can see a selection of the buses at the rally.

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R-753 is a 1950 Bedford OB with 24 seat coach body by Rasmussen. From 1951 to 1955 it was operated as a touring coach by Vest-Norges Turistbiler. In 1959 it was sold to Osterøy. It was de-registered in 1964 and for the next 28 years it was used as a storage shed. It was bought back by Pan Veteran in 1992 for restoration, which was not completed until 2000. It appears now in the livery of Bilruta Os-Bergen. Click for a larger picture

Click for a larger picture Again from the Bergen area is R-1128, a 1946 Dodge. In 1946, the bus company Automobilruta Fana-Bergen bought 3 surplus British army Dodge chassis, originally dating from 1943. Two of these received new Schmidt bodywork, while the third, pictured here, received an old wooden body from an obsolete Federal. After two years, the bus received a new body which you see here, designed and built by the bus company itself. For many years the bus was used on the Totland - Bergen route. In 1960 it was sold to Tveita Bilruter in Øvre Hålandsdal where it was used until about 1965. It ended up in an outhouse where it stood until 1985. It was then bought for restoration, which was completed in 1991. The sign-writing on the restored bus was done by the same man who did the original job in 1948 !

R-7001 is a Scania-Vabis B56-58 with Repstad coach body. It was delivered to HSD in 1964 as a touring coach. For its first few sommers it was leased by tour operater London Forways on 17-day tours starting in Bergen, then on to Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Hamburg and Amsterdam. In 1974 the vehicle was transfered to ordinary bus duties with additional seats installed. Restoration of the bus to its original delivery conditions began in 1989 and was completed in 1992. Click for a larger picture

Click for a larger picture A-15067 is a DAF TB160DS with bus bodywork built by Per Schøyens Karosserifabrikk at Lillestrøm under licence from VBK and operated by Schøyens Bilcentraler, Oslo. The bus spent its entire service life on route 33, Oslo - Hurum. After being retired in 1975, the bus was acquired by entrepreneur Guy Stensmyren in Mjøndalen. It stood there for 20 years. When it was "rediscovered" in 1995, it was still complete and driveable. The bus was restored to its original condition with the help of Schøyens Bilcentraler's own workshop.

BC28393 is a Scania BF111-63 with a bus body by VBK (Vestfold Bil og Karosseri). It was purchased new in 1975 by Johns Treiders Bilcentraler and was in service until 1994. It was then taken over by Johns Treiders Veteranklubb and given a good sprucing up. Click for a larger picture

Click for a larger picture A-15667 is a 1968 Volvo B57-65 with VBK dual purpose bodywork. Originally owned by Oslo-Follo Busstrafikk, it was used both for tour and service work up to the beginning of the 1980's. The bus was de-registered in 1994. Restoration work has been carried out on and off the past 15 years by employees in Oslo-Follo Busstrafikk. The bus has now been acquired by Aarø Automobilselskap and been taken out of retirement. With the rear mounted spare wheel and ski-rack the bus is 14,5 metres long.

T-8648 is a 1961 Volvo B615-97 with a Knudsen 41-seat bus body. The bus was originally owned by Bud Auto based at Bud in Ytre Romsdal. In 1977, Bud Auto was merged with several other local bus companies to form Ytre Romsdal Billag, later called Atlantic Auto. The bus then received a new livery. It was later sold to Averøya and used as a flower bus (whatever that entails). The three sons of the original owner bought the bus back in 1991 and restored it to its original livery. Click for a larger picture

Click for a larger picture F-1029 is a 1962 Scania-Vabis B55-63V with the distinctive bus bodywork of Lier Karosseri. It started its life as a service bus with AS Svelvikruten. From 1968 to 1978 it was owned by Gullik Løytegård and used as a school bus at Rødberg. It was then rediscovered by RHF members and was placed in the care of Drammen og Omegn Busshistoriske Forening. After 1750 man-hours work, the bus was restored to its original condition.

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