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Rutebilhistorisk Forening

A bus preservation organisation.
1999 Veteran Bus Rally at Sandnes

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1999 Rutebilhistorisk Forening Rally at Sandnes
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2001 Rutebilhistorisk Forening Rally at Gjøvik

Transporthistorisk Forening Stavanger Exhibition August 2000
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Rutebilhistorisk Forening is an association of individuals and groups in Norway dedicated to the preservation of Norway's bus and coach heritage. It was founded in 1983 and now has about 1100 members nationwide. They have their own website which you can visit here.

On 13-16. May 1999 the Association held its 11th. annual rally and running days, this year at Sandnes, Stavanger's neighbour to the south. The rally was held right in the town centre which ensured plenty of visitors. The event was combined with the Association's annual general meeting, with plenty of activities for the members.

There were about 45 vehicles on show ranging from a 1920 Model T Ford to a 1981 Volvo articulated bus. Standards were very high. Below and on the next page you can take a look at some of the buses on show at the rally.

Click on any picture to see a larger version of it.

1953 Volvo L249C with 29 seat coachwork by Bussbygg of Lindås, Norway. It was originally built as a combined goods/passenger vehicle, being used to carry fertilizer as well as people. In 1957 it was converted for purely passenger carrying duties continuing in the service of Bergen-Nordhordland Trafikklag until the mid-seventies. Click for a larger picture

Click for a larger picture 1968 Scania BF110-63 with Iversen 49 seat coachwork. The bus is seen in the livery of Schøyens Bilcentraler in whose service it plied the Oslo-Vikersund route until the mid-70's. It was then relegated to stage and school services. In 1974 it passed into the ownership of A/S Modumsrutene until 1994 when it was sold back to its original owners for preservation. In 1935 Schøyens Bilcentraler probably became the first operator of diesel buses in Norway when they bought 3 AEC Regals.

A fine 12 metre 1974 Scania B110-63 with 42 seat coachwork by the Repstad Brothers. Seen here just about to leave with a load of eager passengers for a run around the town. It has been owned since new by the HSD company and used on a variety of express, tour and stage work. The bus was taken out of service in 1987 for preservation. Click for a larger picture

Click for a larger picture A petrol engined 1948 White WB20 with a 33 seat bus body by Høka. The chassis is a product of the White Motor Corporation in the USA, a company subsequently bought by Volvo in 1981. The original owner was NSB (Norwegian State Railways) and was used on the Larvik to Kongsberg route in south-east Norway. In 1959 it was sold to a private buyer and over the following 20 years it passed to several owners, all with a view to preserving the bus. In 1989 it passed into the ownership of Messrs. Braut and Stangeland of Sandnes, near Stavanger. There followed many years of work until in 1998, the restoration was finally completed and the bus could again proudly step out in its original NSB livery.

A magnificant 1967 Volvo B58-60 with a 12.75 metre 36 seat Larvik coach body. Owned since new by NSB, it has been used solely for tour work and is still occasionally used. When it finally goes into full-time retirement it will be preserved. Click for a larger picture

Click for a larger picture A 1967 Volvo B57-60 with combined 26 seat bus/goods bodywork by T. Knudsen. There is also a secure room for post. Such vehicles were used on many rural routes in Norway. Seen here in NSB livery, it was bought in 1993 by the RHF for preservation.

This is a 1956 Volvo L375-07 goods chassis with a 29 seat bus body by T. Knudsen. The bus was first owned by one Thorleif Lilløy from Drangedal. A goods chassis was specified because of the poor roads on its intended route, Kjosen to Drangedal. The bus and route passed to Drangedal Bilruter in 1963 and acquired a new livery. The bus was finally disposed of in 1973. The RHF in Telemark bought the bus in 1991 from a private person and restored it to its original livery and condition as seen here. The bracket mounted on the front of the radiator is a rack for carrying bicycles. There are two arms which swing out onto which several bicycles can be hung. Click for a larger picture

Click for a larger picture This is a rear view of the 1956 Volvo/Knudsen featured in the previous picture, showing the very clean, elegant line of the bus. One thing which occures to me is that it must have been awkward to load and unload the boot due to the door being hinged at the bottom.

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