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Norwegian Bus & Coach Operators

Averøy Billag AS. - Bus company based in Bremsnes, near Kristiansund in mid-Norway.(in Norwegian)
Bussen Trafikkselskap - Bus operator in Vest Agder county, southern Norway. A T.K. Brøvig AS subsidiary.(in Norwegian)
Connex Norge. - Connex's Norwegian division which in south-west Norway includes SOT Trafikk, Østerhus Buss and Sokndal Bilruter. (in Norwegian)
Firda Billag AS. - Bus, coach and tour operator based in Førde, mid-Norway.(in Norwegian)
Gaia Trafikk AS. - Main bus operator in Bergen, Norway's second largest city. A new company, the result of a fusion between Bergen Sporveier and Pan Trafikk.(in Norwegian)
Haga Buss. - Touring coach operator, now owned by SOT Trafikk (Connex). Haga Buss provides the buses for tours arranged by HagaNor Reiser.(in Norwegian and English)
Haugaland Busstrafikk AS. - Bus operator in the Haugesund area, north of Stavanger.
HSD Busstrafikk. - This is the bus subsidiary of the Hardanger Sunnhordlandske Steamship Company, operating in the west of Norway. (in Norwegian and English)
A/S Jotunheimen og Valdresruten Bilselskap. - Bus, express coach and tour operator based in Fagernes, eastern Norway. In the summer months this company also operates a ferry/tour boat service on a lake 1000 meters above sea-level in the Jotunheimen mountains. In the winter months they offer tours in half-tracked vehicles. (in Norwegian)
Klæburuten AS. - Coach operator in Trondheim. They also operate an Airport bus service to Vænes Airport. (in Norwegian)
Kristiansand & Omegn Busstrafikk. - Bus operator in Kristiansand, southern Norway. A T.K. Brøvig AS subsidiary.(in Norwegian)
Nettbuss. - With 1400 buses, this is Norway's largest bus operator. A subsidiary of NSB, the state railway company.(in Norwegian)
Nettbuss Sør. - Bus operator in the extreme south of Norway (Formerly Aust-Agder Trafikkselskap). (in Norwegian)
Nettbuss Vest. - The Nettbuss division in Rogaland fylke (county) in south-west Norway with offices in Haugesund, Sandnes, Nærbø and Egersund. (in Norwegian)
Nordfjord og Sunnmøre Billag AS. - Bus, coach and tour operator based in Stryn. (in Norwegian, English and German)
Haga Nor Reiser. - Coach tour operator based in Alvdal, eastern Norway.(in Norwegian and English)
Nor-way Bussekspress. - Norway's inter-city coach company. Routes and timetables.(in Norwegian and English)
Ofotens Bilruter AS. - Bus and Express services based in Narvik, northern Norway.(in Norwegian)
Oslo Sporveier. - Oslo's tram operator. Routes, timetables and information.(in Norwegian)
Ottadalen Billag AS. - Bus, coach and tour operator based in Otta in Oppland county in the east of Norway.(in Norwegian, English and German)
Rutebilane i Bremanger. - A small family-owned bus company based in Bremanger, mid-Norway.
Saltens Bilruter AS. - Bus and Express services based in Salten, northern Norway.(in Norwegian)
Sirdalsruta. - Bus operator on the borders of Rogaland and Vest Agder counties, now owned by Nettbuss.
Sogn Billag L/L. - Coach tour operator with 95 coaches, based in Sogndal, west Norway.(in Norwegian)
SOT Trafikk. - Stavanger's main bus operator. A subsidiary of Connex Norge.(in Norwegian)
Sørlandsruta. - Bus and coach operator in southern Norway. A T.K. Brøvig AS subsidiary.(in Norwegian)
Tromsbuss A.S. - Bus operator in Tromsø, the world's most northerly city, way up in Arctic Norway where the longest day lasts from May to July, and the longest night from November to January. This website is now back online.
Trondheim Trafikkselskap. - This is the main bus operator in Trondheim, Norway's third largest city.(in Norwegian)
Trysilbussen AS. - Bus, coach and tour operator based in Trysil, eastern Norway.(in Norwegian)
Østerhus Buss. - A small bus operator based at Tau, in Ryfylke, the beautiful fjord area just north of Stavanger. A subsidiary of Connex Norge.(in Norwegian)
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Other Norwegian links

Anders Åberg's Homepage - Anders Åberg, a computer science student at the University of Tromsø (which is well inside the Arctic Circle), has made a reckoner for calculating the time of the next two buses from the university to any local destination. Just enter the time when you require the bus, select a destination, and up comes the times of the next two buses. Anders is willing to make a similar gadget for anyone else wishing one. Send him an e-mail.(in Norwegian and English)
Buss - hvordan er det egentlig ? - Svenn Richard Mathisen's amusing analysis of bus-passenger psychology and record of some eventful, and some not so eventful bus journeys to school between his hometown Sandefjord, and Tønsberg. You'll find you're not alone in your bus-seat selection criterea ! (In Norwegian)
Lokaltrafikkhistorisk forening. - Tramway museum in Oslo, with exhibits from as far back as 1875.(in Norwegian with English summary)
Public Transport in Oslo. - Trams and Trains in Norway's capital.(in English)
Rogaland Trafikkselskap. - Public transport and more by boat in the Stavanger area.(in Norwegian, English and German)
Rutebilhistorisk Forening (RHF). - A nationwide bus & coach preservation group.(in Norwegian with a summary in English)
Sandnes - Everything you need to know about Sandnes; statistics, travel, weather, clubs, restaurants, industry, historical notes etc.(in English)
Stavanger Map Site - Maps of Stavanger and surrounding district in pdf format to download and view or print out.(in just about any language)
Stavanger-Web.Com - Links to all kinds of sites related to the Stavanger area.(in English)
Stavanger - Everything you need to know about Stavanger; statistics, travel, weather, clubs, restaurants, industry, historical notes etc.(in English)
Stavanger towncentre now. - A picture of Stavanger's town-centre with the inner harbour, taken by a camera high up on one of the town's buildings, updated every five minutes. You might catch a glimpse of a bus! In the summer months the harbour is host to many cruise-ships, including the QE2.
transport arbeideren - Website of the Transportarbeiderforbund, the Norwegian transport workers' union.(in Norwegian and English)
Transportbedriftenes Landsforening. - This is the transport section of the Norwegian industry confederation (NHO).
Transportøkonomisk Institutt. - (TØI) A Norwegian centre for passenger transport research.(in Norwegian and English)
Ulf Berntsen's Bussbilder. - Ulf Berntsen, public transport user, pedestrian and part-time cyclist, has built up a collection of bus pictures from his many travels, taken between 1963 and 1981. The link takes you to his bus picture index, but the site takes in much more, including trains, trams, tickets and pictures from his many cycles tours, to amongst other places, Russia. (Partly in Norwegian and partly English).
Vest-Busscar A.S. - New name for Norway's newly restructured bus and coach bodywork manufacturer, producing some of Europe's most stylish bus and coach bodies!
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Nordic links

Busfronten. - An association of Danish bus enthusiasts. (in Danish with an English Summary)
Bussipysäkki (Bus Stop) - Pictures and information on buses in the Helsinki region of Finland plus many Finnish links.(in English and Finnish)
Säffle Karosseri AB - Swedish coachwork manufacturer wholly owned by Volvo.(in English) - Leif Spångberg presents a huge collection of pictures of buses, trams and railways, mainly in Sweden.(in English)
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U.K. links

Alan and Geoff's Old Merthyr Tydfil - Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales is my mother's home town and I have many wonderful childhood memories of the place from the 1950's and 60's. The town has changed a lot since that time, but Alan George and Geoff Matsell have assembled a huge collection of photographs of the old Merthyr Tydfil dating back to the late 1800's. These include several pages of old bus and rail pictures. Very interesting, even for people who don't know Merthyr.
Busman in Cambridge - The Busman (Richard Haughey) presents news, views, a pictorial bus history, and more from England's No.1 (or No.2, depending on your point of view) university town. I particularly liked the Bristol LS and MW pics which have now disappeared from the site unfortunately.
The Bus Station. - The ultimate site for bus related links in the UK and around the world.
Chelsham Bus Garage. - A history of the former London Country Bus garage, a place I remember well from my bus driving days on Green Line route 706 (out of Tring garage).
David Bradley Online - David Bradley presents a superb collection of pictures of the last few years of trolleybus operation in London.
Dennis Bus & Coach. - The British bus-chassis manufacturing industry.
Dick Gilbert's Classic Buses. - Information and pictures of classic British buses, with the emphasis on half-cabs.
Free Photographic Omnibus - Nothing really to do with buses. In 1973, photographer Daniel Meadows bought a double-decker bus, which for the next 14 months became his home and photo-lab. He travelled England taking portraits of the people he met. 20 years later he started to trace his subjects and re-photograph them. The website projects far more than just a visual record of his encounters.
Lancashire United Transport. - A history of this great independent which served Lancashire in the north-west of England for 70 years before being swallowed up by Greater Manchester Transport.
Local Transport History of South-East London. - Toby & John King have put together one of the best picture collections of London Transport buses from the 60's and 70's that I have seen on the web. There are also some trams from the 50's and earlier. The pictures not only capture the buses, but also the street life of the time. In the last couple of years John has rediscovered his camera and is adding new pictures from south-east London to the site.
The London Bus Page. - All the latest news on London's buses.
The Old Bus Garage. - John Hinson presents his superb collection of restored buses plus many other bus related items in this website.
Optare. - The Roe bus bodywork factory reborn. Again a major producer of bus bodies and integral buses.
Plaxton. - Plaxton, Europe's largest bus body producer.
SCT'61 Pages. - Southend Corporation Transport and Eastern National Omnibus Company. A history and a superb collection of pictures from the early 1960's to the mid 1970's. Hours of viewing.

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Rest of Europe links.

BusWeb - Buses on the Web. - Comprehensive European bus and travel directory for the bus industry, traveller and bus enthusiast. - Coach charter and tour company based in Heino, Netherlands.

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Rest of the World links.

Lytton's Transit Site. - A Toronto transit enthusiast with a "Transit Store" for raising cash for the restoration of Toronto's last trolleybus.

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