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January 2003.

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A selection of pictures taken in Stavanger in January 2003.

On 1. January 2003, Stavanger saw the biggest upheaval in bus services ever seen in Norway. Public transport in the whole of the Nord-Jæren region came under the control of Kollektivtrafikken i Rogaland (Kolumbus).

Not only was there a change in administration, but also in the routes and the route numbering system. Half the old routes disappeared, with many the remaining routes being redrawn and seeing an increase in frequency. All the routes have received new numbers, and many of the stopping places in the city centre for the various destinations have changed.

The routes were tendered out in 3 large chunks rather than individually, the chunks being based on geographical areas. The 3 concessions were won by the two existing operators in the region; SOT (Stavanger og Omegn Trafikkselskap) won 2, and Nettbuss Vest won 1.

Just to complicate matters SOT changed its name on 1. January 2003 to Connex Vest.

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SR82827, operated by Connex Vest for Kolumbus (Rogaland Kollektivtrafikk), is seen here in Olav V's gate in Stavanger. It is a Volvo B6LE with a very solid looking Arna bus body Click for a larger picture

Click for a larger picture UA23353 is a Scania L94UB with a 12 metre Vest V10LE (build no. 2895) low-floor bus body. This one of a batch of 12 such buses delivered to the then SOT (now Connex Vest) at the end of 2002 as part of a fleet renewal programme prior to taking up the Kolumbus contracts on 1. January.

Just turning out from Jernbaneveien with the railway station café in the background is Connex Vest's UA23358, another of the new lowfloor Vest V10LE (build no. 2902) bodied Scania L94UB's. Click for a larger picture

Click for a larger picture Outside the Radisson SAS Atlantic hotel in the city centre about to depart for the airport is Connex Vest's UA22093, a Volvo B10B with Vest Ambassadør 340 coach body (build no. 2551) new in 2000. The special airport service departs every 20 minutes from the city centre.

UA23363 is a Scania L94UB with Vest V25LE bus body (build no. 2887). Ten of these 3-axle Scanias with Vest V25 bus bodies were delivered to Connex Vest (then SOT) at the end of 2002. A further 2 with Vest V25 dual-purpose bodies were also delivered. With their 15 metre length they are not the easiest of vehicles to get around Stavanger's narrow streets. Double-deckers with an overall length of around 10 metres but with a carrying capacity of over 100 passengers would have been far more practicable. The main obstacle to double-deck operations are low bridges, which are almost non-existent in the Stavanger area. I think the reason is cultural, "they haven't been used in the past, why use them now?" Click for a larger picture

Click for a larger picture Route 3 is now the only route operated by Nettbuss Vest into Stavanger. Starting point is Sandnes, but Stavanger is now just a stopping point as the route continues northwards to Endrestø in Randaberg kommune.
     RJ20060, a Mercedes-Benz O 345 with Turkish built M-B Conecto body is one of the newest additions to the Nettbuss Vest fleet, seen here in Jernbaneveien outside the bus station. The main difference between the Connex and Nettbuss buses clad in the Kolumbus green is the fleet numbers. Connex buses have a yellow fleet number placed on the front right corner, whereas Nettbuss buses have black fleet numbers on both front corners.

Waiting at one of the new bus stops which have appeared since the reorganisation is Connex Vest's SR87861, an Arna bodied Volvo B10BLE, seen here catching a glint of the midday sun in Kongsgata at the junction with Jernbaneveien. Click for a larger picture

Click for a larger picture Finally, at the other end of Kongsgata is Connex Vest's SR71163, a Volvo B10B with Arna bus body. Behind the tree to the left of the picture is the back of the cathederal. Just out of picture to the right is Connex Norge's head office.

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