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Bringing you the buses of south-west Norway
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Stavanger city-centre
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Introduction to Stavanger and its buses.

Latest Pictures from Stavanger and surrounding district.

Feature on a variety of bus related subjects.

Forum is the opinion page.

Travel Information and contacts in the Stavanger area. Also in Norwegian.

MeetYour Host on this page.

The Archive for more pictures and features.

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Links to other (mainly bus related) sites.

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March 2001

What's new on site?

3. October 2003, the Pictures pages is updated with a selection of pictures taken in October 2003 in Stavanger city centre.

22. July 2003, yes at last, an update on this website. Continuing with what has been a very popular theme in the past, old advertising, the Feature Page has been updated with a selection of British Road Transport industry advertisements from 1955.
With 2 other websites to look after and many other commitments the time available to maintain the site is limited. I have therefore decided to omit the News section from the index page which has resulted in this slightly new format.

19. January 2003, the Pictures page gets an update which is now well overdue. The delay was caused by my working on a new site for Rutebilhistorisk Forening of which I am now also webmaster.

1. October 2002, the Pictures page is updated with a new set of pictures taken in Stavanger in July and September 2002.

18. September 2002, to help you find what you're looking for, the archived features have now been grouped according to subject matter.

26. August 2002, the Links page has received a thorough overhaul. There shouldn't be a dead link to be seen!

12. August 2002, a number of minor changes; page update dates are now shown near the foot of each page. Among improvements to the Site Search Engine script are: The sample text displayed in the Search Engine results will now begin and end with whole words instead of them being randomly and unceremoniously chopped off. Total matches will now be shown at the top of the results display.

1. August 2002, the Feature page is updated with two pages of pictures taken in various locations along Norway's south coast.

1. June 2002, at last, the Pictures page is updated with a selection of pictures from Stavanger.

8. May 2002, I have recently discovered that visitors with "Norton Internet Security" software running on their PCs have been unable to run the scripts on this site. I have now made the necessary changes to the code which seems to have alleviated the problem.

1. April 2002, you can see the final part of the Park Royal Vehicles series on the Feature page, with pictures of the bus body production process at the old Abbey Road Works.

26. March 2002, sometime between December 2001 and now I uploaded an old version of one of the Guestbook files which has resulted in visitors getting an error message when they tried to sign the Guestbook. It's the second time I've done this and I promise I will not do it again!

1. February 2002, the Feature is updated with 2 pages of pictures from the southern Norwegian town of Arendal.

29. January 2002, the Drammen page is updated with production years for the DOB buses. The information was gleaned from the RHF website's fleet lists.

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